embroiderpyI bought myself a sewing machine that does embroidery for Christmas.  This is what I have been playing with lately.  I love My Little Pony but they haven’t put out any scrubs or fabrics for their newest incarnation.  I had to resort to my own means to customize my own scrub tops.  I plan on doing a Nurse Redheart top as well, but I am lacking the one color thread I need and will have to wait until my next paycheck to purchase it.


Stargazer Lily

I finished off my Stargazer lily today in class. It was also my last class (for now) and I’m going to miss the fun every Friday morning. I hope I can keep on schedule making flowers to post, but school is starting up again soon. I did get a bunch of tools and books for Christmas so hopefully when I get some free time I can try out some of them.

gumpaste lily

gumpaste lily

I made a “fantasy” flower this week for fun since all of my other flowers are still in the deconstructed phase. I have made all of the leaves and petals for the stargazer lily, all I have to do is color and assemble them now. I’m having fun playing with the various color dusts that are available for tinting finished flowers. I also received some sparkly food safe airbrush colors for Christmas which I think I might try drybrushing onto flowers. I’m not quite ready to haul out the airbrush compressor just yet…


In class today I made several things. I made some leaves for the lily I am doing next week, some petals for the same lily, some ivy leaves, and this Briar rose (I call them Tea roses). I think I did an OK job, the color is a bit blotchy in the picture but it looks much nicer in person. I have to make more lily petals this weekend as I didn’t have time to finish making them in class. I might fool around with the new cutters I got as well, we’ll see what sort of time I have.


Peppermint Bark Cupcakes

I made peppermint bark cupcakes for the Holiday party at work.  They aren’t the most photogenic cupcakes I’ve ever made, that’s for sure.  I didn’t chop the white chocolate bits small enough and they kept clogging the piping bag, making my piping come out a mess!  At least the candy shell sort of hides how uneven the icing is, but they still aren’t as peaked as I’d like them to be.

The recipe I used to make these can be found here Your Cup of Cake: Peppermint Bark Cupcakes